1989 - My Durian Orchard

16 acres of Durian Orchard
Maxwell Hill, Taiping
Freehold Title

The durian fruit

The fruits

The fruits

Look at that!

Simply the best

Freehold Title

The old hut

Siamese durian trees

Nutmeg trees

Nutmeg fruit

The stream running through the orchard

Durian trees

Durian trees

Durian trees


Living area


24 hours running water

The chalet

Durian trees

Durian trees

D2 durian trees

Durian trees

Durian trees

Durian trees

Behind is the forest reserved

Road running through the orchard


D24 durian trees

Thean Lye


At the middle hut

Hill view

Taiping town view

A monastery

The old hut

The caretaker

The main hut

Hello puppies!

Hello! How do you do?

I love this puppy

Husband & wife caretaker

Fish pond

Wild orchids

Fish pond


Jim Lim said...

These are fantastic pictures of the orchard. It reminds me of my childhood days in Malaysia. I love this type of enviroment.

Thanks for enlightment.

Edmund Tang said...

Wow what big durians. Do they taste as good as their look?